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Sachi and Fumi Introduction

May 4, 2017
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Hello everyone, you can keep your kittens or puppies, as of now we’re #allaboutbunnies. As you may have noticed, our long-eared pals, Sachi and Fumi are having the best moment. They are able to move to a new house (this new website) because you’ve been showering them with so much love. They like it so much since the new house fits more to them as they’ve grown up but at the same time it still takes them back to their childhood memories. What do you all think?

Speaking of Sachi and Fumi having the best moment, Johannes and I are also very pleased to welcome you to this new house. Don’t mind us as you browse through every corner, because we hope for every pretty little thing in pastel colors thatyou see will bring you to your inner child fantasy. By the way, you might get lost, but don’t worry Sachi and Fumi will find you there!

It’s been quite a wonderful 4 year journey for Jasmine Tease and you may have wondered what Sachi and Fumi are really like, who they really are, and etcetera, well, we think that this is a debt long overdue, so here it is.


Sachi means child of joy, a Blanc de hotot and comes from Pastelland. If you know Sachi well enough, you’ll always hear ‘Yum’ because what she does best is to eat delicious food and desserts. Do not get confused Sachi with Fumi though because Sachi has white and pointy ears. Like others who have B blood type, Sachi is very passionate and cheerful. Her favorite childhood memory is, when she was really small, she climbed a three-round stack of macaroon pastel colors and couldn’t get down. The ‘Yum’ word got her the solution. She tried to eat it little by little and finished it so that she could get to the ground. We guess that you’ll love this story as much as we do because yes bunny lovers, this is why we’re always running out of three macaroons with Sachi on it. Yes, Sachi, not Fumi, remember the pointy ears?


Well, Jasmine Tease residence wouldn’t be complete without Fumi in it. The name Fumi means history and like Sachi, she also comes from Pastelland. She’s a Mini Lop and her ears are white and floppy. She’s sweet, shy, funny and has a big heart. Unlike a regular bunny, her hobbies are wearing pretty jewelery, dresses, shoes and girls can’t have enough accessories, can they? Unlike Sachi who likes food so much, Sachi’s favorite childhood memory is when her mom reads her a bed time stories about kindness, that’s why instead of ‘Yum’, Fumi’s fave words are “How lovely”. But, having said that, Fumi likes food too, just a little less than Sachi. That’s why, Sachi and Fumi are best friends. Food will always join them together in their friendship vows, for better or for worse.

There you go bunny lovers, if you want to know more about them, you know which address to go to, just come to this residence and like Sachi and Fumi too, we all can be best friends.


PS: There will be so many more exciting stories and collection from Sachi and

Fumi. Always. And that’s our vow to you.