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August 29, 2017
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Chapter 1 – The Beginning


4 years ago, Sachi bunny and Fumi bunny were born.

It all started when my husband and I went to Japan for honeymoon.

Japan to us is a very inspiring country where all the unique pretty little things were born.

One of them is interesting jewelry we had never seen before.


I couldn’t stop thinking about it when I got back to Jakarta, I got curious, so I did my research on how they make those pretty things.

I did my trials and errors every single day, using different types of materials I wasn’t even familiar with until we went back to Japan to find the answers.


Day after day, I would stay at home practicing while waiting for my husband going to work.

I woke up doing it and I went to sleep with it.

These new things, which are clay and resin, had slowly become my life.







Chapter 2 – The Identity

People often ask me, why bunny?

Well, first of all, both my husband and I share the same Chinese zodiac, which is rabbit. And I really find rabbits are so cute. Don’t you think?


Why desserts and pastels?

I can’t deny that I love the color pink and peach so much, especially when they come with all the pretty desserts.


Why use gold hardwares?

All the jewelries we found in Japan came with high quality gold plated hardwares.

That’s what we want for our Jasmine Tease too.




Chapter 3 – The Rejection

It is never been easy for us.

When we first started thinking of selling my creations, we were just got married and we were having some business issues. We were out of money.

By faith, we contacted one of the event organizers to join their event at Kota Kasablanka. When the EO asked us for the payment, we didn’t have it. 

I remember we were in our church, having our Sunday service and I replied their email by saying, “I am sorry, we are out of money and you can just pass the booth to others.” We soon got their reply, saying, “It’s okay, we will keep the booth for you and you can pay us after the event.”

That was just unexpected. I wanted to cry so bad after I read their email, feeling so blessed. I know this must be God’s work.


So then we joined the event, but most of the people didn’t really seem to love my creations. They thought that it would be better if we used silver hardwares rather than gold hardwares. Most of them didn’t seem to accept the price.

Yes, people don’t really appreciate handmade stuff here in Indonesia.

As the result, we sold only 12 pieces in a week.

But we didn’t stop there, we joined another bazaar events, and the same thing kept happening for months.




Chapter 4 – The Come Back

I always believe that when you put all your heart and focus into something, it will finally show a result.

A few months after we felt rejected, we kept doing our best, designing and creating the prettiest jewelries.

People started to notice us and started to value handmade products.

Demands pushed us to launch new collection every month, and it sometimes drove us crazy, but in a good way of course :D



Chapter 5 - The Copycats

Being copied used to be the worst feeling ever.

You wanted to be mad, but you knew you just couldn’t because they had all the rights to do whatever they wanted to.

I couldn’t accept it at first. I was so shocked and was angry at the same time, I mean, why bunny? There are so many other characters other than bunny, right?

But somehow these copycats made me pushed myself to design and create better.

Today is totally a different story, I am not mad anymore, as I know that we have actually inspired those people and we should be grateful for that.


Chapter 6 - The Inspiration

My inspirations come from my childhood.

As I grow and age, I never really leave my beautiful childhood behind.

That is why sweets, fairy tales and Disney used to take such big parts in my designs.


Chapter 7 – His Intervention

We are so blessed that God seems to lead us all the way. We could find what we were looking for, we got to know most of the amazing people who were willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year. Up to this moment.



Chapter 8 – Be a blessing

I am grateful that I am surrounded by many great successful people with big hearts.

They taught me how to make the word 'successful' sounds right.

They taught me that being successful is not only about what you achieve on a certain level or status.

It is about how you make people around you make a progress and grow as you do.

It is about how you bring them up along as you grow.

I am not as successful, might not be the best clay craft artist.

But one thing I have learned is that I want to be a blessing to others by sharing what I know and my experiences in craft.

Based on that, we decided to open our very first craft store where everybody can learn and share their craft skills, named Doki Doki Craft in North Jakarta.


Chapter 8 – Pause

A friend of mine once told me that sometimes you’ve got to pause, look and observe what’s around you, and make a move again.

I think he was right, that was what we did a few months back.


What he means is when we are too busy with our thing, we tend not to pay attention on what’s been going on outside.

This is certainly not a good thing, because it might drives us out off the road we are supposed to walk in.


Chapter 9 – The New Chapter

Now that we had our 3 months break, we are finally back with a classic collection.

We proudly present our original idea we had in mind for Jasmine Tease back in 2013.

Sachi and Fumi are back too! With a slightly different details on their faces and bodies.

Everything comes with the new finishing technique, still using Japanese air dry clay and high quality Japan made 18k gold plated hardwares.


We love the new collection so much, we hope you do too.